Full Charity Start-up Package

Starting a new non-profit, Charity or Foundation? The Charity Law Group has many years of Experience Helping non-profits incorporate and obtain Charity exemption status from the CRA.This package includes drafting a Statement of purpose and description of program activities, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Minutes of First Meeting of Board of Directors, Corporate Records Book, T2050 Exemption application and more!

Fees: $2,985.00, includes all disbursements and HST


Charity Status Package

We’ve set up this package option for clients who have already completed their By-laws, filed their Articles of Incorporation, set up their minute books, and simply require assistance with the federal application for charity status. This package is for you if you want to save money on the incorporation and time by avoiding multiple CRA correspondence and delays with regard to your T2050 application. 

Fees: $1,495.00, includes all Disbursements and HST

Review and Guidance Package

Count on our expertise in Charity & Non-profit Law to review all your corporate documents and your applications for tax exemption before you send them in. With years of experience in charity law, our firm knows what the CRA will be looking for and can help answer any questions about the process and application that will assure successful completion of the process. 

Fees: $598.98, includes HST


Not-for-Profit (NFP) Package

You are a sports club, professional association, or other business operating Not-for-Profit. Our registration time is super-quick, between 1-3 days. We offer 3 NFP packages; all include HST and government disbursements.

  • Basic NFP (Cert. & Articles of Incorp.): $800.00
  • NFP  incorp. + by-laws & Resolutions): $995.00
  • Full NFP Package: (+ minute book & corporate seal): $1,495.00 

Association Package

Contrary to popular understanding, you do not need to incorporate as a not-for-profit in order to qualify as a charity. There is a super quick, super inexpensive, and super simple way to organize your charity. We’ll draft a constitution and by-laws for your organization, and you’ll save big by not having to incorporate. And incorporating at a later date is always an option. 

Fees: $1,875.00, includes all Disbursements and HST


Represent You To The CRA

You’ve already applied to the Charities Directorate for tax exempt status, but now the CRA has multiple questions regarding your application. You’re unsure how to respond. Or perhaps your charity is being audited by the CRA. Let us represent you to the officers at the Charities Directorate. We know what the CRA is looking for and we will craft our responses with that in mind.

Fees: $580.00, including HST, per correspondence. 

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