Incorporated Charity


Starting a new Charity or Foundation? B.I.G. Charity Law Group has over a decade experience helping non-profits incorporate and obtain Charity exemption status from the CRA.

Our most popular package, it includes drafting Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Minutes of First Meeting of Board of Directors, Corporate Records Book, and T2050 Exemption application! We do everything, A to Z.

[Benefits of incorporating a charity include: 1. Limited Liability for Directors, and 2. Directors may be related to each other by marriage, blood or business.]

Fees: $3,585.00, includes all disbursements and HST


Non-Incorporated Charity Registration Package

Contrary to popular understanding, you do not need to incorporate as a not-for-profit in order to register as a charity. There is a super quick, super inexpensive, and super simple way to organize your charity.

We’ll draft a constitution and by-laws for your organization, and you’ll save big by not having to incorporate. Incorporating at a later date is always an option. (This package is available to incorporated religious charities as well.)

Fees: $1,985.00 (includes all Disbursements and HST)

International Charity  Package

Will your Charity operate abroad through intermediaries (subject to the strict control of the Canadian charity)? If yes, this package is for you. It includes everything in the Platinum package, with the added joint venture or agency agreements required by the Charities Directorate before registration of such a Charity.

Payable in 5 installments, there is an option to pay 1/3 of the fees after registration, so as to provide an opportunity to raise the requisite funds.

Fees: $7,385.00, (includes all disbursements and HST)


Incorporated Charity


The Premium package includes everything in the deluxe package, with the addition of a Minute Book and Corporate Seal, payable in 3 installments. 

The benefits of this package are having all relevant Charity Registration documents in one place. For charity governance purposes, it is highly advisable to keep all relevant registration and corporate documents in a binder or official Minute Book.

Fees: $3,985.00, (includes all disbursements and HST)

DIY Charity Registrations and Crisis & Risk Management


Are you looking to apply for charity status on your own but would like input from a Charity Lawyer. Without legal advice, most DIY charity applicants are rejected or are required to revise their constating documents, which leads to Amendment fees, stress, and lost time. This package is for you if you want to save $ and time by avoiding multiple CRA correspondence and delays. Let us advise on how to structure your Articles of Incorporation and Form t2050 for CRA approval.

Or, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Nonprofits have emergencies too. At mission-centered organizations, PR is important. You need to act fast and get sound advice to make sure donors are assured that the right things are happening. Board Conflicts, Legal Threats, Public Relations and People Problems.

Fees: $300.00 + HST for 1 hour consult


Charity Audits

You’ve  applied to the Charities Directorate for tax exempt status on your own or with another lawyer, but the CRA rejected your application. Or perhaps your charity is being audited by the CRA.

Let us represent your organization to the Charities Directorate and obtain or maintain charity registration.

Fees: TBD upon review of the file.

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