Bequesting to a Charity

You want to make a bequest to a charity or charities in your will. When you ask your lawyer to draft the bequest clause, ask him or her to also:

  1. Identify the correct name of the charity in a corporate database;

  2. Verify with the CRA Charities Directorate that the Charity has charitable status;

  3. Review the gift and investment policy of the recipient Charity (if bequeathing gifts of property other than cash);

  4. Consider whether it is more advantageous to make some gifts while still alive (if the bequests are a large part of the estate, the tax receipt may be a lot more than the income in the year of death, thus losing out on some tax benefits);

  5. If you want to put any restrictions on the charitable bequest, verify with the charity that the bequests are acceptable;

  6. Decide if you want a copy of the relevant excerpt in the will be provided to the Charity;
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