What dates should be noted on a Not-for-Profit's Calendar?


Dear Charity Lawyer,
I was just appointed as secretary to a mid-size Canadian Non-Profit and Charity. I'm somewhat new to this whole thing. Could you advise what dates in the organizational calendar should be marked off?

Answer: Congrats on your new role! Below is a list of the most critical dates that should be marked off on every Not-for-Profit organization's calendar:

·         Deadline for filing annual T1030 charitable returns

·         Deadlines for filing annual provincial return (where applicable) or federal return

·         Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

·         Reminder to review governing statute yearly before AGM

·         Date of AGM

·         Reminder to update board members’ contact info after AGM

·         If bylaw amendments have been made, a reminder to file amendments with federal government

·         Reminder to review policies yearly at the first board meeting after AGM

·         Notice of special meetings

·         Contract commitments

·         Deadlines related to grant and/or funding agreements

·         Renewal dates for lease and/or rental agreements

·         Deadlines or renewal dates for insurance

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