How To Run Your Not-for-Profit AGM (Annual General Meeting)


Q: What content should be included in my charity’s AGM?

A: A Not-for-Profit corporation is expected to create and report an AGM every year. It will:

  • Inform members of the organization’s accomplishments and future plans;
  • State its financial standing.

Alert: Be sure to have a list of your members handy at the meeting. You must be certain that you have reached a quorum!

Q. How do I record this information in the minutes?

There are two types of information included in minutes:

  • Information received at the meeting – tells what happened for the duration of the meeting

For example: “The financial statements for the previous six months were received from the Treasurer and a report given. The financial statements received are attached as Schedule 1 to these minutes.”

  • Decisions made at the meeting – tells the resolutions that were made based on the information

For example: “Moved by Maria and seconded by Kareem THAT:” or “It was resolved THAT:”

The written form of the mover and second for each decision is determined by the bylaws or rules of order adopted by the meeting. The main point here is that the resolution records the decision taken by the meeting, usually after a vote on a motion.

Alert: These formalities regarding resolutions pertain specifically to the AGM. For more informal meeting that do not relate to information in the bylaws, there is no need to worry about resolutions.

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