Operating Youth Charities


Q. What do I need to show on the t2050 charity application when applying to become a Youth charity?

A. Young people are not automatically recognized as charitable beneficiaries solely because they are young, as not all youth are in need of assistance.

To qualify for registration as a charity, organizations providing services to youths must be established to address and prevent the specific problems that youths face, such as

  • juvenile delinquency;
  • substance abuse;
  • eating disorders;
  • teen pregnancies;
  • depression;
  • family conflicts; or
  • suicide.


To show that an activity directed towards youth provides a sufficient public benefit, an organization must show that the activity has

a. sufficient structure; and

b. focus to actually address or prevent the specific problem that youth face.

An organization established with a purpose of helping youth deal with identified problems, but that only provides activities that are not structured and focused on addressing those problems, cannot qualify for registration.

For example, simply providing a space for youth to gather and keeping them off streets would not further a charitable purpose.

Without monitoring, teaching, or some sort of structure and focus, it would be difficult to show that an activity is addressing or preventing identified problems in the charitable sense. For more information, please click here.

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