Will an Organization offering Career Counseling be Registered as a Charity?


Activities which

  1. relieve unemployment of individuals who are unemployed or facing a real prospect of imminent unemployment; and
  2. are shown to need assistance

may be charitable if they directly further one or more of the charitable purposes. Examples of activities that relieve unemployment include:

  • providing employment-related training;
  • providing career counseling
  • providing assistance with resumes;
  • preparing for job interviews establishing lists of available jobs.

Providing employment-related training can also be charitable.

Generally, employment related training must not be limited to a specific employer, because this could result in an unacceptable private benefit to the employer.

However, exceptions may be possible in areas of social and economic deprivation. Examples of employment related training activities for eligible beneficiaries include:

  • employability training;
  • entrepreneurial training;
  • and on-the­ job training.
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