How Long Does It Take To Register a Charity?


According to the Charities Directorate, a straightforward application for Charity Registration takes 2 months (see here). In reality, this turnaround time is seen in only about 1% of charity applications.

For the vast majority of Charity applications, where the CRA (Charities Directorate) has follow up questions, the stated turn-around time is 6 months, though in reality it is closer to 8-10 months.

If you are hiring a lawyer to file your charity application, it is critical to ask him/her how long it will take, from the date he/she is retained, to file the application with the CRA. We have heard from clients, who originally retained other law firms, how their application took many months until being filed, despite much importuning to hurry and submit the application for review. 

This is very unfortunate, as Charities who are not registered may not issue tax receipts, thereby limiting their fundraising options and limiting their opportunity to provide assistance to others.

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