The Federal Government is Donating to Charities

The CRA sent the following email to all Registered Charities today.

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Attention all registered charities! Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is inviting registered charities interested in receiving donations of surplus goods from the federal government to identify themselves.

PSPC is seeking charities interested in the following items:

Entertainment itemsGames and toysClothing, footwear, outerwearOutdoor equipmentHousehold itemsFurniture

To participate, complete the Request for Information questionnaire currently posted on site by August 30, 2019. The information you provide will help PSPC determine the demand for donations and evaluate the viability of a program for donating Government of Canada surplus goods.

For any comments or questions, please contact Julia Caughey, Project Manager, PSPC, at

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 Thank you for your posts over the past week; they have been very informative.

 Q. Could you please give specific examples of items that do not qualify as donations for the purposes of issuing a Charitable Receipt? 

Answer:The following are examples of items that will not qualify for receiving a Charity Receipt under Canadian Charity Law:

  • Where the donor is given in return for their donation consideration which exceeds 80% of the original donation;
  • Payment of tuition fees -except as allowed, as can be reviewed at: Tuition Fees and Charitable Donations Paid to Privately Supported Secular and Religious Schools
  • Purchase of a lottery ticket;
  • Where the donation is court ordered;
  • Payment of a basic fee for admission to a program (an example of this would be daycare fees for nursery school)
  • Payment of membership fees that convey the right to attend programs and be eligible for services (note: Membership fees can be eligible for Charity Receipts where they only confer a right to vote and receive reports of the Charity's activities).


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