The B.I.G. Charity Law Group Differentiator


Prospective clients occasionally ask what is our "differentiator"? How are we different than other law firms offering Not-for-Profit and Charity legal services?

Our answer:

Experience; Speed; Affordability.

1. Experience: Charity law requires specialized knowledge, not only of the relevant statutes, legislation and court decisions, but also of CRA's policies.

At B.I.G. Charity Law Group and, our practice consists of, almost exclusively, Not-for-Profit & Charity Law. We do not dabble in a myriad of practice areas. Not-for-Profits and Charity law is our focus. 

2. Speed: We can deliver a complete charity application to the CRA within 1-3 weeks of being retained.

How do we do it so quickly? We use the latest technology to streamline our processes and eliminate redundant and time wasting steps.

3. Affordability: Our fees are generally 30-50% below most other firms. Additionally, our prices are transparent and noted on our website. No surprises, no hidden fees. Our fees are inclusive of all registration fees, disbursements, and taxes.

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