Minute Book Maintenance for the Not-for-Profit or Charity


An improperly organized minute book can be fatal to your organization.

We were recently approached by a Not-for-Profit that has been operating for over 35 years. We reviewed the corporate minute book and found that the Directors were improperly voted in, and in fact had no legal control over their million dollar empire.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. We see this time and again. Not-for-Profits are usually run and managed by generous people who volunteer their time and skills to run organizations that benefit society. But without proper legal structure and well maintained records, they run the risk of losing control of an organization in which they've invested so much.

The deficiencies are sometimes in the bylaws, but most often in the lack of proper initial organizational documents. 

Call or email us for a minute book review. 

It's affordable, and could save you from litigation or even complete loss of an organization you've invested so much in.

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