Tips for keeping minutes of Charity in order


Q: Are there any tips for keeping the minutes of my Charity Organization in order?

A: Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding keeping the minutes of your charity organization in order.

  • Make sure that any motions made to change policies are recorded in the board minutes. These should ultimately be publicized as appropriate and the new policies should be integrated into the policy manual.
  • Ideally, keep at least two years’ worth of minutes in your office in a set, safe location.
  • If you do not have enough room in your office to keep these records, then after every annual general meeting, remove the oldest minutes to make room for the next year’s AGM minutes.  Before removing them, note any policy decisions in the Policies and Practices records in your office.
  • Keep minutes together with copies of any reports and additional information that was filed at the meeting.
  • Even if your charity records the minutes digitally, it is always recommended that you keep a hard copy in your office in a set, safe location.
  • Minutes do not need to be kept for all committee meetings. It is only necessary for key committees, such as fundraising and finance committees. Keep formal minutes and make formal reports to the board on key decisions!
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